Marcos Peres, REALTOR

Marcos Peres is Palm Blue Realty's leading authority in helping buyers, sellers, investors, and foreign nationals of all kind achieve their real estate goal. Born in Vitoria, Brazil, Marcos and his family migrated, early on, to the States, like many, in pursuit of better opportunities and the American Dream. Today he's living out that dream, and has a burning desire for helping others do the same. He prides himself on, so far, having helped all of his clients, both buyer and sellers, go from initial point of contact to the closing table within 45 days or less, all very satisfied clients! Marcos has an extensive background in business, he speaks three languages, and excels heavily in sales and marketing. Despite being great in sales, Marcos doesn't consider himself a salesman, but more of a consultant. When asked why, his response was, "Sales people give biased opinions, consultants state logical truths." He believes in treating others as he'd want to be treated and wouldn't do anything to his clients he wouldn't do to his mother! Marcos believes in doing right by his clients, seeking the BEST possible result and treatment, all while doing it ethically. Through his drive, skill sets and passion, Marcos is dedicated to helping his clients achieve their ultimatum and won't stop until the job's done! So if you're in the market searching for real estate, don't look any further, work with a true professional and ask Marcos how he could help you get one stop closer to your Florida dream today!

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